Meet Your Real Estate Team

We get it. 

Decisions about your living situation are nerve wracking. In a market where things change quickly, it can be hard to know where to begin, leaving your dream of a space to call your own feeling unreachable.

Timothy Cox & Company have helped thousands of people buy the right home and sell for the perfect price by making each step simple. 

So breathe easy-- 

We’ve been there before.

And we have a plan for you.

We minimize the stress by providing you with all the right information-- whether the job is pricing your place to sell or simply recommending a plumber before an open house. We’re in constant communication with you and ahead of every deadline, prioritizing your preferences and working to be present through the physical tasks, mental exercises, and emotional decisions that come with buying or selling a home.

Atlanta is one of America’s most exciting places, and we chose this city because we know and love this community as much as you do.

Timothy Cox & Co. is dedicated to guiding you to the good life in the right community.

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