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The Timothy Cox Team

Your successful sale starts with a realtor who can promote your property and manage the market. 

Our team has the resources and reputation to make your sale easy.

We'll help you sell for the perfect price in Atlanta and beyond.







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What We Offer


Expert Consultation                                                    Strategic Pricing                                                                        Home Prep Management

360 Degree Marketing                                             Negotiation Counsel                                                       Minute-by-Minute Communication








Our Process

Simple Steps To Your Success 

1. Friendly Consultation

Let’s connect-- if possible at the home you hope to sell. You can tell us when you’d like to close, why you want to sell, and what you prioritize in a realtor relationship. We’ll listen, focusing on your needs and expectations.


2. Strategic Pricing 

Well-priced homes sell for more money, so we’ll work together to review your home’s valuation analysis and leverage our knowledge of the market to make sure your place is priced right.


3. Home Prep Management

Timothy Cox & Co will help you get your place in selling shape, orchestrating any painting, repair, cleaning, or staging work that needs to be done. Every house is different, as is every selling budget, so we help you put together the plan that’s right for you-- right down to the verified repair professionals we recommend.


4. 360 Degree Marketing

We’ll create a custom marketing plan tailored to your home’s strengths, ensuring that the listing is visible in all the right online forums and real-world publications, connecting you to an international network of potential buyers.


5. Negotiation Coaching and Counsel

We’re here to field each offer, walk through them piece by piece, and secure the best terms possible. As one of Atlanta’s top agents, Timothy Cox has helped hundreds of sellers succeed.


6. Transaction Communication

From the first listing to the final closing signature, we manage the deal, preparing paperwork and ensuring that all you have to do is state your goals and questions. We’ll be in immediate contact every step of the way to keep you updated and make sure you sell for the best price.





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